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Welcome to NSSKA!

We are the North Sound Sea Kayaking Association, a not-for-profit paddling club dedicated to enjoying the waters of the Salish Sea and surrounding areas through safe and skillful paddling. We welcome people from all backgrounds and skill levels.

Check out our events calendar for upcoming trips, training opportunities and meetings. Visit our online store for NSSKA-branded clothes. Join the conversation and share your paddling pictures on Facebook.

Pandemic paddling:
NSSKA follows federal, state, and county guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the CDC now stating that vaccinated people can safely interact without masks—outdoors and indoors—we are allowing trip leaders to decide whether masking up while unloading and loading is required at their events. We don't mask up while kayaking. NSSKA encourages members to get vaccinated!

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events